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The secret is out!

Nestled in a little-known valley in the Karoo lies the village of Murraysburg.  
The little town with the big heart.

Framed by the beautiful Sneeuberg mountains on one side and the Buffalo River and stunning Karoo scenery on the others, Murraysburg is a town that time has almost passed by.

It is a town for all seasons, and for all reasons, that captures the essence of the pristine Karoo and it's wonderful people better than any other town we know.

Someone described its special appeal as being more about what it is not, than what it is.

We like to think of it as our beautiful secret, and we would like to share our secret with you...


Desember 2014


6 - The Sneeuberg Cycle Crawl
10 - Skool sluit
16 - Versoeningsdag (Publieke Vakansiedag)
25 - Kersdag
26 - Welwillendheidsdag



Goeie nuus in verband met die Rooidamme

16th April 2014

Mr Andre Roux, the Director of Sustainable Resource Management in the Western Cape Department of Agriculture, paid a special visit to Murraysburg today to review the Rooidam Project.

Mr Roux spent several hours discussing the project as well as the incorporation of additional amenities aimed at broadening the benefit of the project to the town.

Tenders will be published shortly for the required work and consideration will be given to expanding the scope of the initial project to include the establishment of one or more "green" areas in the upper part of the town.

These will be irrigated with water drawn from the "Rooidam Project" once it is completed, and will provide much needed additional recreational facilities to the community, young and old alike.

Plans are being drawn up based on the discussions held today and they will be subjected to a feasibility study shortly.

More updates will be published as the project progresses.

Aug 2013

Wel, nog nie heeltemal nie maar amper daar. Chris Barr rapporteer dat die
einde insig is met sy gevegte met die burokrasie en met die uitsondering van een
finale vergadering op die 15de Augustus tussen homself en die Wes Kaapse
departement van Landbou, die departement van Waterwese, departement van
Omgewingsake en die Munisipaliliteit van Beaufort-Wes, al die eendjies nou in 'n
ry staan vir die projek om voort te gaan. Ons innige dank aan Chris vir sy visie
en deursettingsvermoë.